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Vitamin C face serum with hyaluronic acid
Age defying face serum
Vitamin C reduces fine lines and blemishes and Hyaluronic acid maintains adequate skin hydration without over greasing
Anti acne, Oil control, water based face serum
Shaakuntalam promotes skin care products with naturally and locally sourced ingredients
Radiant Vitamin C Face serum with Hyaluronic acid, 30ml
Radiant Vitamin C Face serum with Hyaluronic acid, 30ml

Radiant Vitamin C Face serum with Hyaluronic acid, 30ml

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  • This potent combination keeps skin hydrated with the right moisture level.
  • Forms a beautiful light base for your makeup 
  • Can be worn out in the sunlight. 
  • Applied uniformly over face and neck, twice daily (3-4 drops in each application) after thoroughly cleansing the face with a Vitamin C based face wash - For best results.
  • Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, infusing the skin with freshness and keeping the harmful environmental pollutants at bay
  • Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture (without the greasiness) and plumps up the skin with the adequate moisture quotient
  • Lightens blemishes and dark spots, irons out the fine lines 
  • Helps beating the acne due to anti oxidant Vitamin C while maintaining the right moisture balance with Hyaluronic acid
  • Good for all skin types

Content: The Vitamin C/ Hyaluronic acid serum feels light on your skin and does absolute wonders on your skin!!!! While the Vitamin C clears out those undesired blemishes of the skin and provides the skin with the necessary nutrition, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) promptly plumps up the water quotient of the skin.

This potent combination keeps your skin hydrated with the right moisture level, especially in the summers, when the skin should not be overburdened with oil based formulations. This serum not only forms a beautiful light base for your makeup but also can be worn out in the sunlight.

Every night after thoroughly cleansing the face with a Vitamin C based face wash (for best results), and applying a natural toner, apply just 3 to 4 drops of this miracle serum uniformly over the face and neck and behold the new you the next morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! The glow is visible within a week, with simultaneous reduction of blemishes and dark spots, and the skin feels amazing as it is being hydrated appropriately and impactfully. Feel the hydrated skin and lightened spots over the next few weeks and be ready to be complimented for that fresh look. 

Remember that a higher percentage of Vitamin C doesn't always mean a better product as this could be strong for the delicate skin and could dry out the skin faster causing it to react via breakouts, or itchiness. Shaakuntalam presents the right combination of Vitamin C @15% and Hyaluronic acid in this miracle serum which would work in perfect synchrony to lighten those stubborn blemishes, plump the skin with right amount of hydration and heal it from within, without drying or making your skin oily. Go get that glow back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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